Octopus WiFi helps you to successfully deliver your project under the WIFI4EU initiative

The WiFi4EU initiative promotes free access for citizens to wifi connectivity in public spaces such as parks, squares, official buildings, libraries, health centres and museums in municipalities across Europe.

Octopus Wifi helps you meet the conditions set out in the grant agreement, covering requirements for EU visual identity, usage and network quality. Furthermore, as it is a public WiFi network, you have all the guarantees regarding compliance with regulations on the conservation and processing of personal data.

Octopus WiFi - Standard WIFI4EU package

Cloud Platform: Offered as a SaaS service, with different levels of licensing without the need for additional hardware installation.

Multi-vendor:  Can be integrated with the most common WLAN solution manufacturers in the market.

WIFI4EU Portal: Special template with policy application component or snippet, with all WIFI4EU requirements.

Legal Compliance: Strict compliance with current regulations regarding data processing and storage. Extraction of reports before judicial requirements.

Monitoring and statistics: Monitoring of the service in real time and statistics and usage reports.

AdinWiFi: Possibility of including popups with municipal announcements during the login process.

WIFI4EU Portal details

Provide a Policy Enforcement Component, also known as “the snippet”.

Universal Unique Identifier (UUID) settings.

WIFI4EU Portal Support the 24 predefined language codes .

Compliant with WIFI4EU visual requirements

Captive portal name. The URL of the captive portal page in which the snippet will be integrated, per installation.

Portal template includes a customizable disclaimer that clearly informs users of WiFi4EU is a network open to the public. 


Terms and Conditions:

Proof of awarding of the contract.

Promotion per municipality with a maximum of 15 Access Points.

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