The best solution for each sector

We form a team with our clients to design and build comprehensive technological solutions, providing high added value for the business.

Multichannel márketing

Blue Octopus provides direct marketing mechanisms to users and the possibility of integrating your e-commerce.

The access of customers to your products and services is their decision, therefore multi-channel is necessary to be able to offer such access according to their criteria and needs. Our platform gives you the opportunity to facilitate this access from multiple channels and with the ability to integrate with your e-commerce solutions:

  • Full customization of the captive portal so that the client knows that they are accessing your infrastructure.
  • Ability to create banner campaigns to guide the user about your products and services.
  • Integration of access to your ecommerce platform: Magento, Prestashop, Woocommerce, …
  • Ability to integrate campaigns and banners with your CRM
  • Possibility of integrating your product offer in a personalized mobile app (ad-hoc solution).

Telecommuting and corporate environments

We help you building an ecosystem according to the future-present.

Access to corporate systems should not depend on the location, business continuity and operability of employees, it must be guaranteed at all times by ensuring the use of secure registration, authentication and authorization mechanisms:

  • We integrate our RADIUS service with the main corporate access control platforms: Azure Active Directory, Google Suite and AWS Directory Services.
  • We record user accesses from any location, maintaining the security standards of your company.
  • We facilitate the creation of the mobile workstation.

People registration (COVID-19)

Access and capacity control «very easy».

The solutions for the control of people in your establishment are manual or complex or expensive, however, Octopus Wifi allows you to carry out this task simply by making your clients use their public Wi-Fi network, complying with regulatory control requirements.

1. Connect to the establishment’s Wifi network

2. Complete the registration form

3. Include specific information campaigns

4. Enjoy internet access

Digital access registration.

All information about the users of an establishment at any time is registered with access to Wi-Fi. Find out when your customers and employees access and the time they remain in your facilities to verify possible contacts.

Digital access registration

Capacity control

Although users do not register on their Wi-Fi network, through the Presence functionality of Octopus Wifi, the managers of the establishment can know the capacity at all times, average stay times and recurrence data, leaving this statistical information stored for consultation.

Capacity control

Mobile APP


Increase demand at points of sale, gain loyalty and get to know your customers better. The Blue Octopus APP integrates automatic user access to the associated wifi networks and contains an e-commerce platform that allows you to offer products and services online in an autonomous and professional way.

Locate the points of sale in the sector you are interested in. Connect to the Wifi automatically in an unlimited way. Moreover, if the client does not have the APP, he will see it advertised and will be able to download it through the captive portal.

Receive personalized and special offers from points of sale. Possibility of acquiring the promotions and purchasing products.

The store manager can manage his own products and promotions.

Don’t wait in long queues or attention from dependents. Receive product information by scanning QR code and buy it directly if you are interested.

The store manager will be able to download the QRs associated with each product to display them around the store.

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