“Global Cloud Platform for managing and controlling access in a Wifi Guest environment with layers of added value for your business.”

Main features:

  • Cloud Platform: Octopus WiFi is offered as a SaaS service, with different license levels.
  • Robust and reliable technology, with important success stories in different sectors.
  • Multivendor: integratable with the different most-common manufacturers of WLAN solutions from the market.
  • Multitenat and possibility of whitelabel: Octopus WiFi can be customized to fit your brand image and offered as a service to all your customers.
  • Flexible: Configurable functionalities for the different market sectors that require WiFi Guests.
  • Modular: Advanced system for managing user permissions and hierarchies.
  • Radius AAA Service: developed in-house which multiplies the possibilities of access types, control mechanism and monitoring levels.
  • Legal compliance: Strict compliance with current regulations on the conservation and processing of personal data.
  • High integration capacity.


  • WiFi as other communication channel. Make your WiFi service profitable with marketing actions. Automate the generation of campaigns through different channels.
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitor with a quality service, gain presence in your premises.
  • Reinforcement of the brand image, extend the image of your business to the WiFi service.
  • Channel of generation of qualified leads that go to the point of sale.
  • Know your customers behavior: Where they go, average time of stay, recurrence, …
  • Increase visits and interaction to your website and social networks and encourage PPP downloads.
  • Integrate with your business tools such as CRM, PMS, … Measurable results in the short term.
  • Access control to the service. When and how your customers connect.
  • WiFi “Friendly”, guarantees a friendly and secure connection for your guests, filtering out unwanted content.


Integrated solutions

Octopus WIFI is integrated and works easily with technology from leading manufacturers.

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