New functionality for greater interaction with the digital world in physical spaces

Nowadays, having tools to interact with users from their personal devices is essential.

Therefore, Octopus Wifi incorporates a new functionality that allows the management of digital contents with the possibility of linking them to QR codes.

This new solution facilitates a greater interaction between the offline and online world and therefore makes the points of sale more difficult.

Octopus Wifi helps in the access to the network in the reopening of schools and work centers

Con el nuevo escenario provocado por el virus COVID-19, se ha hecho imprescindible, en los centros de educación y empresas, la contratación de un software de productividad, movilidad y colaboración como Office 365 y Google G Suite.

Por ello, Octopus Wifi, permite integrarse con ambas herramientas durante el proceso de validación en redes Wifi, simplificando “en la nueva normalidad” el acceso para alumnos en centros educativos y para empleados en centros de trabajo.

Make your WiFi Hotspot profitable

We all seek to access new business opportunities and work to provide significant added value over existing solutions. Thanks to Octopus Wifi, the last generation hotspot solution, it is already possible.
Octopus WiFi, has presented important new features to all the already known functionalities of the platform such as access control, portal customization, content filtering, lead generation or legal compliance in public WiFi networks, adding many other important innovations that will provide a layer of significant added value to customers, improving the user experience.

Learn about the advantages of the WiFi4EU package

The WiFi4EU initiative promotes free access for citizens to wifi connectivity in public spaces such as parks, squares, official buildings, libraries, health centres and museums in municipalities across Europe.
Octopus Wifi helps you meet the conditions set out in the grant agreement, covering requirements for EU visual identity, usage and network quality. Furthermore, as it is a public WiFi network, you have all the guarantees regarding compliance with regulations on the conservation and processing of personal data.

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