CLOUD PLATFORM for connectivity

Octopus Platform offers value to telecommunications infrastructures, for this it offers differential functionalities over Wi-Fi networks and works on fundamental pillars of digitization, such as connectivity and automated marketing.


Tool that can be integrated with the main LAN / WLAN solutions on the market, providing the customer with a simple and unified management environment. In addition to managing user and device connectivity, you can exploit data through automated marketing and advanced analytics.

Plataforma cloud

Main Features

Modules octopus platform

Octopus Guest

Personalized WiFi hotspot for customers with a fully customizable captive portal that complies with current regulations on protection and …

Octopus Enterprise

Go further in managing connectivity. Octopus Enterprise allows you to configure advanced identity and device access control options …

Octopus Marketing

Thanks to the marketing module, it is possible to get the most out of the data from the guest Wi-Fi networks and other sources, through generation and …


Boost the functionalities of the different modules of the platform with the add-ons …

Connect from anywhere securely with Octopus Platform

Professional Services

Blue Octopus has professional teams to adapt the platform to your needs, as well as to build comprehensive technological solutions according to your business. Similarly, there is a qualified technical support team for the management and continuity of the service.